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International Journal of Fracture Mechanics and Damage Science


Focus and Scope

About the Journal

International Journal of Fracture Mechanics and Damage Science(IJFMDS) is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2023 that intends to provide its readers with swift and concrete information on the advancements in the field of pollution control. Editors recommend high-quality papers that are original and comprehensive and those that focus on the application of the work done. Journal also encourages review articles that cover all aspects of pollution control and that can have an immediate impact on the ongoing research.

Focus and Scope

  • Elastic instability, Gross plastic deformation, Tensile instability :  Fracture Toughness , Plastic Zone , Cleavage Fracture , Deformation Limit , Ductile Crack Growth , Structural elements (Construction), Stress, Cycles, Concretes, Deflection, Deformation, Rocks, Shapes, Shear (Mechanics), Soil, Springs, Stress-strain curves, Stress-strain relations, Structural metals,Tension.
  • Creep damage and creep-fatigue interaction : Creep-fatigue interaction , Alloy 617M , Stress relaxation , Mean stress , Creep-fatigue damage assessment.
  • Low and high cycle fatigue damage : Ultrafine-grained microstructure , Ultrasonic fatigue , Crack initiation , Copper , fatigue test.
  • Brittle/elastic damage, friction and wear :  Fault wear , Wear-rate , Friction , Damage rheology, Brittle fracture , Phase field method , Crack propagation , Finite element method.
  • Ductile/plastic damage, corrosion of metals, alloys : Pipeline Corrosion, production control, metals & mining, production logging, Downstream Oil & Gas, tarish, materials and corrosion, riser corrosion, Publication Division, flowline corrosion.
  • Strain softening and strain-rate sensitivity damage : Asphalt concrete , Creep , Damage , Strain rate , Stress–strain , Viscoelasticity.
  • Impact damage, mechanical characterization of composites : A. Carbon fibersA. Carbon nanotubesB. Impact behaviorC. Damage mechanicsD. Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA).
  • Modeling and numerical simulation : DMFC , High concentration methanol , Methanol crossover , Water crossover, Ductile damage and fracture , Stress state dependence , Cut-off value of stress triaxiality , Experiments , Digital image correlation , Numerical simulations.
  • Elastic-plastic, Wear behavior of composites, metal Metrix composites, hybrid composites, fly ash etc : aluminium 6061-T6 , Graphite , Fly ashStir casting, Solid particle erosion , Polymer matrix composites , Fiber , Hybrid , Taguchi method , Artificial neural network.
  • Crack incubation and propagation, gas exhaustion. engine exhaustion  Crack and fracture repair Techniques : Small fatigue crack , Initiation , Growth , Foreign object damage , Titanium alloy , Nickel-based superalloy , Dwell fatigue , Crack growth , Replica technique , EBSD analysis.


    Creep damage, Gross plastic deformation, Pyrolysis, Crack and fracture repair Techniques, creep- fatigue interaction.