Editors Overview

ijea maintains an Editorial Board of practicing researchers from around the world, to ensure manuscripts are handled by editors who are experts in the field of study.

Focus and Scope

About the Journal

International Journal of Electronics Automation: is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2015 that broadly covers the current, ongoing, and future trends that circuits follow, it also covers both conventional and nonconventional computing technologies. International journal of Digital Electronics is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research articles and editorial review papers that will have an immediate impact on the ongoing research.

Focus and Scope

  • Digital analog circuits: Fixator norator pair, analog amplifiers, circuit design, signal processing, analog/RF circuit, wireless communication, wired communication, analog-to-digital converter, chaos, nonlinear systems, chaotic synchronization, system identification, bifurcation analysis, data conversion, scientific instrumentation, radar, industrial process control, audio, and video equipment, transient performance, controller area network, digital isolators, mobile I/O expander, and keyboard controller, USB, differential amplifiers, variable gain amplifiers, comparators, voltage, ADC drivers, gain blocks, Analog circuits, Fault diagnosis, Support vector machines classifier, Label analysis, Space distance discriminant analysis, Comparator, Low-offset, Low-power, Floating-gate MOST, Quasi-floating-gate MOST, Bulk-driven MOST, Low-voltage low-power MOST.

  • Integrated circuit: Field Programmable Gate Array, Standard Cell, Sales Volume, Macro Cell, Full Custom, a microelectronic circuit, microchip, or chip, an assembly of electronic components, fabricated, transistors and diodes, capacitors and resistors, amplifier, oscillator, timer, microprocessor, amplification, signal processing, digital calculations, small-scale integration, medium-scale integration, large-scale integration, analog, digital and mixed-signal, semiconducting materials, silicon nitride, photonic integrated circuits, silicon photonics, arrayed waveguide grating, generic technology, photonic sensors.

  • Microelectronics: Mesoscale, Thermal management, Piezoelectric power generator, Micro-electronic-mechanical systems(MEMS), Composite cantilever, Vibration, Energy, harvesting, CMOS image sensors, Heat management, Thermoacoustic, Miniaturization, Acoustic heat pump, Engine, Serial connection, Low frequency, Current differencing buffered amplifier, Analog signal processing, Current feedback amplification, 3D-micromachining, High-aspect-ratio, Micromechanics, Microoptics, Microfluidics, Nanotechnology, Memory, Memory array, Memristor, Sneak paths, Pool boiling, Enhancement, Heat transfer, Carbon nanotube, Silicon Surface microstructure.

  • Unconventional computing: East, West, Spirituality, Resistive switching, Resistive random access memory, Nonvolatile memory, Memristor, Organic resistive memory, Crystallization, Voronoi diagram, Shortest path, Unconventional computing, Logical gates, Physics of computation, Turing Machine, Artificial Immune System, Turing Thesis, Polynomial Time Computability, Cellular Automaton, Quantum Circuit, Fitness Landscape, Quantum Tunnelling, Physical Implementation, Step sequencer, Bionic engineering, microparticle, Semiconductors, Metal halide perovskites, Photocatalysis, Artificial photosynthesis, Photovoltaics, Memristors, Neuromimetic technologies.

  • Digital system and binary numbers: Stereoscopic vision, 3D scanner, Laser scanner, Archaeological finds, Virtual reality, Virtual museum, 3D acquisition, Virtual archaeology, Color measurement, Color analysis, Adobe Photoshop, Digital camera, Documentation, Digital photogrammetry, Laser scanning, Ortho-image, Impression, Fit, Digital radiography, Computed radiography, Image quality, Radiation exposure, Dose indicator, Information needs, Information resources, Information systems, Knowledge management, Literature review, Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM), synthetic aperture radar, interferometry, digital elevation models, Genetic code, I-Ching Binary numbers, Dyadic group, Walsh functions, Hypercomplex numbers, Reversible logic circuit, Full-adder, Half-adder, Parallel adder, Binary-coded decimal, Application of reversible logic synthesis, Reversible logic, Garbage output, Fuzzy option pricing, Call option, Binary option, Asset-or-nothing option.

  • Asynchronous sequential logic: Sequential circuits, Circuit faults, Circuit testing, Clocks, Circuit synthesis, Logic testing, Synchronization, Hazards, Delay, Signal synthesis, logic testing, logic design, sequential circuits, signal flow graphs, input-output redundancy, Huffman model, signal transition graph, single stuck-at fault model, fault effects, redundant faults, state oscillations, input/output concurrency, scan design technique, ASLCScan, test generation problem, combinational logic, field programmable gate array, design methods, nonlinear response curves, Switching systems.

  • Digital Number System: Digital-analog conversion, Digital filters, Speech processing, Hardware Signal processing algorithms, Minimax techniques, Circuits, Finite impulse response filter, Convolutional neural networks, Residue number system, Bandpass filters, Encoding, Arithmetic, Frequency response, Equations Transforms Decoding, Digital filters, Digital business, Business models, Business strategy, medical informatics, Collaborative consumption, Gig economy, Platform Economy, Digital platforms.

  • Boolean Algebra and Logic Circuits:  Photonic crystal fiber, optical switching, optical control, Acclimatization chamber, Condition-sequence control, Psychrometrics, Programmable logical controller, Models, Deterministic algorithm, Microprocessors, Matrices, Boolean Expression Diagrams (BEDs), Boolean concept learning, Complexity, Categorization, Rule-based classification, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), Data Encryption Standard (DES), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), encryption, cryptographic algorithms, power utilization, combinational circuits, fault tree analysis, Modal logic, History of logic, nanodots, Emergent computing, Bio-computing, Logical gate, a Concept lattice.

  • Digital Logic Gates:  Photonic, optical waveguide, finite difference time domain method, photonic integrated circuits, Ternary logic gates, Memristor, Digital sensor, Optical biosensor, Amperometric biosensor, Low-power Full-adder, Low-power CMOS design, Inverter-based full-adder design, Transmission gate, Nanoelectronics, power consumption, Detection, Tripodal sensors, Iron, Dihydrogen phosphate, Real sample, Determination, Colorimetric, Fluorescence, Multiple inputs, Inner filter effect, Stimuli, Suzuki coupling, DNA logic gate, G-quadruplex, Luminescent ink, Logic gate function, Heteroatom-doped carbon dots.

  • Digital Combinational Logic:  Crossbar, Decoding, Encoding, Memristors, Nanoelectronics, detection probability, random-pattern testability, supergates, testability measures, CMOS digital integrated circuits, Semiconductor device modeling, Integrated circuit noise, digital noise, stochastic process, amplitude distributions, Multi-node charge collection, Pulse quenching effect, Layout, Optical all logic devices, Extinction ratio, Beam propagation method, Insertion loss, Magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ), Nonvolatility, Radiation immunity, Soft error, Single event upset (SEU), Single event double node upset (SEDU), Genetic Algorithm, Combinational logic circuit, 2-1 Multiplexer, Shannon’s decomposition technique, Evolutionary design.

  • Sequential Circuits: Sequential design, Emerging technology, Delay matching, Adiabatic switching, Quantum-dot cellular automata, Clock zones, J-K flip-flop, Synchronous counter, State assignment (SA), Area minimization, Non-determinism, Heuristics, Functional testing, Test pattern generation, Distinguishing sequences, Reversible logic, Conservative reversible logic, Quantum cost, Delay fault, Fault diagnosis, Synchronous sequential circuits, Particle Swarm Optimization, Differential Evolution, Test pattern generation, Bio-inspired algorithms, Comparative analysis, Sequential Circuits, Delay Matching, Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG).

  • Digital Logic Families: Near-threshold computing, Low power circuits, Dynamic differential signaling-based logic, Current mode logic, Robustness to noise and variation, Digital integrated circuits, Pass-transistor logic, Logic synthesis, Karnaugh maps, CMOS digital integrated circuits, CMOS logic circuits, Low power arithmetic circuits, High-speed arithmetic circuits, Memristor, In-memory computing, memory logic, Synthesize and mapping, Efficiency, Lifetime, Power savings, Improved PAL-2N logic, Energy recovery.


  • Logic Gates
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Digital Logic gates
  • Binary Function
  • Power Electronics Boolean function
  • Code conversion
  • Signal Processing
  • Sequential Digital Logic Circuit