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International Journal of Computer Aided Manufacturing

ISSN: 2456-642X


Focus and Scope

About the Journal

International Journal of Computer-Aided Manufacturing [2456-642X(e)] is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2015 that reports new research as well, as a new application of the technology that could be of use in the ongoing research and in framing an educational ground for the students. The journal aims to cover computer-aided manufacturing software and the automation of machining processes.

Focus and Scope

  • High-Speed Machining, including streamlining of tool paths, Electric Vehicle: Quality of Experience, Performance, Taxonomy, Vehicle-to-Everything, Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Power capacitors, Induction motors, Rotors, Magnetic flux, Stator windings, Permanent magnet motors, Electrical machines, Energy conversion.

  • Multi-function Machining: Ablation machining, TC4, Combustion, Ablation, Local explosion, EDM, Multi-function electrode, Combustion-material Oxygen, TC4.

  • 5 Axis Machining: Systematic deviation, Identification algorithm, Five-axis machining center, Tilting rotary table, Angular deviation, Positional deviation, 5-Axis CNC machine, Sculptured surface machining, Optimal tool orientation, Configuration space search, Edge detection algorithm, CAD/CAM.

  • Feature recognition and machining: Feature recognition, graph-based, hint-based, volume decomposition, neural network-based, CAPP, Intelligent feature recognition, Artificial neural networks, CAD model.

  • Automation of Machining processes: Machining, Adaptive control, Control systems, Drilling, Grinding, Milling, Optimal control, Servomechanisms, base selection, formalized procedures, automation, technological constraints, CAD systems, process design, machining, manufacturing.

  • Computer-aided manufacturing software, Computational intelligence: Particle swarm optimization, Application software, Acceleration, Particle tracking, Computer science, Books, Bibliographies, Power system dynamics, Evolutionary computation, Writing.

  • Automate manufacturing processes: Laser additive manufacturing, Image processing, Geometric features, Measurement, Optimization, and Edge detection.

  • The manufacturing process and usage complexity: Manufacturing, Modelling, Optimization, Complexity, Manufacturing system, Reconfiguration.

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Direct numerical control (DNC) systems: Computer Numerical Control, Supervisory Control, Programmable Logic Controller, Product Lifecycle, Programmable Logic Controller, Seamless Data Integration, CAM-NC Process Chain, Tool Management, Direct Numerical Control.

  • Modern enterprise integration: Planning, US Government, Management information systems, Business communication, Information systems, Costs, Software systems, Investments, Data security, Usability.


  • Automation
  • Automotive manufacturing processes
  • 5 Axis Machining
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Multi-function Machining