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International Journal of Advanced Control and System Engineering


Focus and Scope

About the Journal

International Journal of Advanced Control and System Engineering is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2015 that publishes original research articles and review papers, experimentally and theoretically. Papers published in this journal cover all major topics under automatic control systems including embedded control systems, real-time systems, and digital and analog control.

Focus and Scope

  • Automatic Feedback Control Systems: Feedback Control, air conditioner, a refrigerator, bathroom toilet tank, automatic iron, home furnace control system, human brain, electric signal, Positive feedback system, Negative feedback, feed-forward control, integrated circuits (ICs), digital feedback systems, Series-Shunt Feedback Systems, Shunt-Series Feedback System, Series-Series Feedback Systems, Shunt-Shunt Feedback Systems.

  • Communications & Control Systems: Integrated Communication and Control Systems (ICCS), belief systems, boundary systems, diagnostic systems, interactive systems, Open loop control systems (non-feedback control systems) Closed loop control systems (feedback control systems), automation, Linear Control Systems, Nonlinear Control Systems, Analog or Continuous System, Digital or Discrete System, Single Input Single Output Systems, Multiple Input Multiple Output Systems, Lumped Parameter System, Distributed Parameter System, domestic applications, general industrial applications, military applications, Manufacturing, electric power generation, chemical manufacturing, oil refineries, and water and wastewater treatment.

  • Embedded Control Systems: Embedded control systems (ECS), network embedded systems, and Home and office security systems. Automated teller machines (ATMs) Point-of-sale (POS) systems, Real-Time Embedded Systems, Stand Alone Embedded Systems, Networked Embedded Systems, Mobile Embedded Systems, Small Scale Embedded Systems, Medium Scale Embedded Systems, Sophisticated Embedded Systems, Windows CE, LINUX, TreadX, Nucleus RTOS, OSE, Central heating systems, GPS systems, Fitness trackers, Medical devices, Automotive systems, Transit and fare collection, ATMs, Factory robots.

  • Adaptive Control Techniques: Indirect Adaptive Control, Direct Adaptive Control, controller, PID-type controllers, feedback loop control, time-invariant (LTI) systems, Self Tuning Regulator, nonlinear adaptive control, robot, manipulators, guided missile, Model Reference Adaptive Control, Lyapunov Stability Theory, Robust control, Model-Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC), Self-Tuning Controllers (STC), Direct vs. Indirect Adaptive Control, Control Feedback, air data scheduling.

  • Real-Time and Fault Tolerant Systems:  Network, Cloud Cluster, Fault tolerance, air traffic control systems, process control systems, autonomous driving systems, fault confinement, fault detection, fault masking, retry, diagnosis, reconfiguration, recovery, restart, repair, and reintegration, RB scheme, NVP, IoT systems.

  • Open and Closed Loop Control Systems: non-feedback system and feedback system, Amplifier, Controller, Controlled Process, Feedback, Traffic light, automatic washing machine, immersion rod, TV remote, Air conditioner, temperature control system, speed and pressure control system, refrigerator, toaster, weapons system, transportation systems, power systems, space technology, robotics.

  • Large Scale Control Systems: Large scale systems, decentralized control, interconnected systems, model reduction, robust servomechanism problem, load and frequency control problem, Open loop control systems (non-feedback control systems), Closed loop control systems (feedback control systems).

  • Intelligent Sensing Control Systems: Intelligent control, Force control, Humans, Motion control, Automatic control, Decision making, Manipulators, Master-slave, Force sensors, Intelligent robots, intelligent control, man-machine systems, robots, sensor fusion, tele-control.

  • Power System Control: optimization methodologies, control theory, abnormal operations, power grid, voltage, transient, frequency variation, small-signal instability, static and dynamic security, power-frequency control, voltage and reactive power optimization and regulation, high voltage direct current interconnection control, generators, transformers, transmission lines, busses, and loads, transformer, transmission line, substations, distribution line, and distribution transformer, synchronous generator, motor, transformer, circuit breaker, conductor.

  • Digital and Analogue Control: electromagnetic interference, Digital regulators, analog-to-digital transformations, VCR (video cassette recorder) players and tapes, Accelerometers, Light sensors, Sound sensors, Pressure sensors, Analog temperature sensors, Old radios, megaphones, volume control on old telephones handsets, LoudSpeaker, Old CRT TV, LandLine Telephones, Audio Tape, Old Photocopier, Telautograph, Analog Voltmeter, Analog Ammeter, Digital watches, Digital video signals, CD’s, DVD’s, Computer, Smart transmitters.

  • Motion and Navigation Control: Robotic system, locomotion, steering, Autonomous navigation, Sensor, feedback-based systems, motion controller, drive, motor, and feedback device, Wii Remote (Wii and Wii U), PlayStation Move, Wii U GamePad (Wii U), Kinect (Xbox 360 and Xbox One), Razer Hydra, Xavix, artificial intelligence.

  • Temporal and Spectral System Analysis: Spectral imaging, Chemometrics, Long short-term memory, Time series, Classification, partial least squares discriminant analysis (PLSDA), spectroscopic data, Decision tree and K-nearest neighbors (KNN) algorithms, three-dimensional (3-D) evaluation algorithm, electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings, Feature extraction, Electromyography, Signal processing, Computer science, Electromagnetic compatibility, Pattern Recognition, Image converters, Performance analysis.

  • Computer-Aided Design and Control Systems: CAD (computer-aided design, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, and Maya, AutoCAD, Computer acronyms, KiCad, Plot, Puck, Software terms, Surface modeling, modification, analysis, optimization, special effects in TV shows, architectural designs, building plans, floor plans, electrical schematics, mechanical drawings, technical drawings, blueprints, Plumbing designer, HVAC designer, MEP designer.

  • Control Systems, Instrumentation, and Robotics: Novel actuator and sensor technology, bio robotics and bio instrumentation, control of complex systems, precision instrumentation, autonomous robotic vehicle, and optics, industrial automation techniques, Fuzzy Logic Control.

  • Control System Tools & Technology: Indirect Adaptive Control, Direct Adaptive Control, controller, PID-type controllers, feedback loop control, time-invariant (LTI) systems, Self Tuning Regulator, nonlinear adaptive control, robot, manipulators, Control, Automation, Robotics, Two-position controllers (ON/OFF), Proportional controllers, Integral controllers, Semiconductor, Solar Energy, Amplifier, Resistor, Transistor, Capacitance, Oscillators, Transducers, Amplitudes, Electric Potential, IoT automation, Pneumatic control.

  • MATLAB Modeling and Simulation: MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow, Simscape, AnyLogic, MATLAB, SimScale, Simul8, COMSOL Multiphysics, Simulink, Arena, curve fitting, statistics, optimization, ODE and PDE solving, calculus, numeric modeling, symbolic modeling, matrix laboratory, Stochastic Simulations, Deterministic Simulations, Static Simulations, Dynamic Simulations, Discrete Simulations, Continuous Simulations.

  • Emerging Applications in Control Systems and Engineering: Real-Time Functional MRI, Information security, Computer architecture, Application software, Access control, Context-aware services, Pervasive computing, Authentication, Context modeling, Military computing, security of data, and software architecture.