Synthesis ,Spectral Investigation, Anticancer Study of Azo-Imine Heterocyclic Compounds

Year : 2024 | Volume :11 | Issue : 01 | Page : 22-43

Marwah Tahseen Neamah

Noor Saad Jaafer

  1. Assist. Lecturer College of Education for Girls,Kufa University Kufa Iraq
  2. Assist. Lecturer College of Education for Girls, Kufa University Kufa Iraq


Many Schiff base reactions are known within a famous series of addition reactions to the azomethine group, where reagents are added to the polarized double bond and the nucleophilic (nucleophilic) reagents attack the carbon atom in the azomethine bond.. An example of this type of reaction is the addition of alkyl halides, which produces quaternary amine salts, which in turn are converted to the secondary amine. These compounds have an effective role and great importance in many fields, as they are considered the starting material for the preparation of a large number of heterocyclic compounds and their coordination complexes, as well as used in the preparation of large molecular weight polymers. Various studies have also shown that the imine derivatives have biological activities. In addition to its effectiveness in inhibiting various cancerous tumors and its importance in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. It has been shown that the azomethine bond is responsible for this biological activity that appears on Schiff bases.

Keywords: Great Compound, Important, Polar, Composite

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