Section Editor’s Profile

Name: Dr. Chandra Mohan

Section Editor : Journal of Polymer and Composites


Affiliation: K R Mangalam University, Haryana, India 122103

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Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering at K R Mangalam University, Haryana, India
My expertise are Chemistry

Recent Publications

1. Dhaka P, Kumari N, Mohan C, Chinglenthoiba C, Amesho KT. Environmentally benign approach to formulate nanoclay/starch hydrogel for controlled release of zinc and its application in seed coating of Oryza Sativa plant. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. 2023 Nov 27:128278.

2. Kumari N, Mohan C, Negi A. An investigative study on the structural, thermal and mechanical properties of clay-based PVC polymer composite films. Polymers. 2023 Apr 18;15(8):1922.

3. Mohan C, Varma RS, Kumari N. Novel approach for the synthesis of hybrid clay-based nanopigments and their application as coloring agents. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy. 2023 Feb 3:1-5.

4. Mohan C, Kumari P, Kumari N, Negi A. Fabrication of Colored Polymeric Membrane Using Clay-Based Nano Pigments of Safranin O (SO) Dye. Membranes. 2023 Jun 24;13(7):619.

5. Mohan C, Robinson J, Negi A. Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) Based on Polyvinyl Chloride Membrane Formed from Heterocyclic Quinazoline Compounds as Ionophore material. Engineering Proceedings. 2023 Sep 26;48(1):10.