Editor’s Profile

Name: Dr. Atul Bhatore

Editor : Trends in Transport Engineering and Applications


Affiliation: SAGE University, Madhya Pradesh, India 452020

Institutional Profile Link : https://sageuniversity.in/civildetail

Associate Professor in Department of Civil Engineering at SAGE University, Madhya Pradesh, India
My expertise are Civil Engineering

Recent Publications

  1. Atul Bhatore & Dr.(Mrs.) Vandana Tare .Prioritization of Rural Roads for Maintenance.  Accent Journal of Economics, Ecology & Engineering,.2018 3 ( 1) : Available at – www.ajeee.co.in/index.php/ajeee/article/view/1131/1076
  2. Neetesh Kumar Jain, Atul Bhatore, Synchronization of Traffic Signal at Indore City” (Radisson Square to Lavkush Square)”, International Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology (IJSRSET), January-February 2017; 3 ( 1):34-38. 10.32628/IJSRSET117317
    Available at – https://ijsrset.com/paper/2157.pdf
  3. Jayati Nagar, Atul Bhatore. Improvement Provisions in Public Transport Facilities of BRTS Indore. International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology. 2017;3(1):25-30
    Available at – https://ijsrst.com/paper/762.pdf
  4. Atul Bhatore, Vandana Tare. Performance models for rural roads. Indian Highways. 2014;42(2):87-93
    Available at – https://trid.trb.org/view/1306789