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Name: Dr. M Rafiqul Islam

Reviewer : Research & Reviews: A Journal of Health Professions


Affiliation: Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Director in Institute of Nuclear Medical Physics at Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Recent Publications

  • Yamamoto S, Watabe H, Nakanishi K, Yabe T, Yamaguchi M, Kawachi N, Kamada K, Yoshikawa A, Islam MR, Miyake M, Tanaka KS. Hybrid imaging of prompt x-rays and induced positrons using a pinhole gamma camera during and after irradiation of protons. Physics in Medicine & Biology. 2023 May 30;68(11):115015.
  • Shahmohammadi Beni M, Islam MR, Kim KM, Krstic D, Nikezic D, Yu KN, Watabe H. On the effectiveness of proton boron fusion therapy (PBFT) at cellular level. Scientific reports. 2022 Oct 27;12(1):18098.
  • Shahmohammadi Beni M, Watabe H, Kwan WS, Islam MR, Yu KN. RadStat: An open-source statistical analysis tool for counts obtained by a GM counter. PloS one. 2022 May 31;17(5):e0267610.
  • Shahmohammadi Beni M, Yu KN, Islam MR, Watabe H. Development of PHITS graphical user interface for simulation of positron emitting radioisotopes production in common biological materials during proton therapy. Journal of radiation research. 2022 May;63(3):385-92.