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Name: Dr. Iswarya Obilineni

Editor : Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmacology


Affiliation: K.V.S.R.Siddhartha College of Pharmaceutical sciences, Andra Pradesh, India 520008

Institutional Profile Link : https://www.kvsrsiddharthapharma.edu.in/pharmacology.html

Assistant Professor in Pharmacology at K.V.S.R.Siddhartha College of Pharmaceutical sciences, Andra Pradesh, India
My expertise are Pharmacology

Recent Publications

  1. Adiki, S. K., Sangeetha, S., Kamireddy, S., Katakam, P., & Obilineni, I. (2023). Phytosomes: A Novel Phytoconstituent Delivery Approach to Improve the Efficacy of Obesity Treatment. Current Nutrition & Food Science19(3), 229-237.   https://www.eurekaselect.com/article/126086
  2. DSNBK, P., Achanti, S., Kumar, V., Panda, S. P., Jash, R., Obilineni, I., … & Mohammad, B. A. (2023). Insilico and Invitro anthelmintic properties of phytocompounds in Rostellularia quinquangularis (J. Koenig ex Roxb.) Nees. Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 110-123.  https://vclass.sbmu.ac.ir/index.php/ijps/article/view/41997
  3. Obilineni, I., Latha, J. D., Srikala, K., Asha, G., Amulya, M., & Rajani, V. (2022). Evaluation of Antihyperlipidemic activity of leaves of Cassia tora. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology15(2), 741-744.  https://rjptonline.org/AbstractView.aspx?PID=2022-15-2-43
  4. Chatla, S., Garikapati, D., Rahaman, A., & Obilineni, I. (2022). Production of naringinase by using amla on solid state fermentation. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology15(3), 1225-1229.  https://rjptonline.org/HTMLPaper.aspx?Journal=Research%20Journal%20of%20Pharmacy%20and%20Technology;PID=2022-15-3-47#:~:text=RESULTS%20AND%20DISCUSSION%3A,Amla%20as%20a%20solid%20substrate.