Editor in Chief’s Profile

Name: Prof. Dr. Pratim Sarkar

Editor in Chief : Journal of Human Rights Law and Practice


Affiliation: Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, India 721102

Institutional Profile Link : https://hlc.in/faculty-member/dr-pratim-sarkar/

About Me

Associate Professor in Department of law at Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, India
My expertise are Human Rights Law and Practice

Recent Publications

  1. Pratim Sarkar. Poverty Alleviation Workfare Schemes (MGNERGA during Covid-19 Lock Down Period). University Book House Pvt Ltd. Year: 2021. ISBN: 9789390672158. Available from: https://www.ubhjaipur.com/product/poverty-alleviation-workfare-schemes-mgnerga-during-covid-19-lock-down-period/
  2. Pratim Sarkar. Significance of TPDS in the Light of Indian Legal Regime – An Overview. Indian Journal of Law and Justic. Vol. 12 No. 2. ISSN: 0976-3570. Page: 101-109. Available from: https://ijlj.nbu.ac.in/doc/v12_no2.pdf
  3. Pratim Sarkar. An overview on the Social and Legal incidents of Surrogacy Practice in India, (March, 2023) published in the Edited Book – Surrogacy – A Socio-Cultural and Legal Perspective in India, Aryan Publication, Delhi (ISBN. 93-94049-10-9)
  4. Pratim Sarkar. Democratic Decentralization and Local Self Government – A study in the light of role of LSG during Covid-19 Pandemic”, (March -2022), published chapter in the Edited book – Law & Social Transformation, Satyam Law International, New Delhi (ISBN. 978-93-91345-86-0)