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Name: Dr. Satyanarayana Battula

Editor : Nano Trends-A Journal of Nano Technology & Its Applications


Affiliation: CVR College of Engineering, Hyderabad, India 501510

Institutional Profile Link : https://cvr.ac.in/home4/index.php/has/hnsfaculty/chemistry

Assistant Professor in CHEMISTRY at CVR College of Engineering, Hyderabad, India
My expertise are Chemistry

Recent Publications

1. Battula S, Desai AA, Soni JY, Mehta DP. Accessing Grignard Reluctant Aldehyde in 2-Oxoaldehyde by Organocuprates to Give [1,2] Addition and Oxidative Coupling Reactions. ACS Omega. 2022 Feb 1;7(6):5069-5078. doi: 10.1021/acsomega.1c06031. PMID: 35187323; PMCID: PMC8851654.
2.Pandya KM, Battula S, Kumar KA, Patel RJ, Patel NB. Design & synthesis of hybrid pharmacophore of β-lactam, 1, 8-naphthyridine, and secondary amines; Discover their in vitro antimicrobial, anticancer properties & DFT and ADMET prediction studies. Medicinal Chemistry Research. 2023 Apr 15:1-1.

3.Pandya KM, Battula S, Naik PJ. Pd-catalyzed post-Ugi intramolecular cyclization to the synthesis of isoquinolone-pyrazole hybrid pharmacophores & discover their antimicrobial and DFT studies. Tetrahedron Letters. 2021 Sep 28;81:153353.

4.Parmar, D. R., Soni, J. Y., Guduru, R., Rayani, R. H., Kusurkar, R. V., Vala, A. G., … & Battula, S. (2021). Discovery of new anticancer thiourea-azetidine hybrids: Design, synthesis, in vitro antiproliferative, SAR, in silico molecular docking against VEGFR-2, ADMET, toxicity, and DFT studies. Bioorganic Chemistry115, 105206.

5.Parmar DR, Rayani RH, Vala AG, Kusurkar RV, Manvar RK, Talukdar SN, Preeti, Zunjar V, Battula S, Soni JY. Design, synthesis, in silico studies and in vitro anticancer activity of 3‐(4‐methoxyphenyl) azetidine derivatives. ChemistrySelect. 2020 Dec 7;5(45):14296-302.