Editor in Chief’s Profile

Name: Prof. Rakesh Kumar

Editor in Chief : Nano Trends-A Journal of Nano Technology & Its Applications


Affiliation: Central University of Bihar Gaya, Bihar, India 823001

Institutional Profile Link : https://www.cusb.ac.in/dr-rakesh-kumar/

About Me

Professor in Biotechnology at Central University of Bihar Gaya, Bihar, India
My expertise are Biotechnology

Recent Publications

1.Singh P, Kumar KD, Kumar R. Degradation of Polyfurfuryl Alcohol-Based Biopolymer by Soil-Burial and Photo-Degradation Methods. Journal of Polymers and the Environment. 2022 May 1:1-2.

2.Rani S, Rani P, Aggarwal M, Dinesh Kumar K, Kumar R. Preparation and Characterization of Curcumin Incorporated Soy Protein Isolate Biopolymeric Films. Journal of Polymers and the Environment. 2022 Nov;30(11):4877-86.

3.Yuan, Yue, Xin Geng, Hua Wu, Rakesh Kumar, Juan Wang, Junsong Xiao, and Huafeng Tian. “Chemical composition, antimicrobial activities, and microencapsulation by complex coacervation of tea tree essential oils.” Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 46, no. 7 (2022): e16585.

4.Zhao, Yaxin, Gaiping Guo, Bo Xu, Hongtao Liu, Huafeng Tian, Jian Li, Yuge Ouyang, Aimin Xiang, and Rakesh Kumar. “Electrospun natural polypeptides based nanofabrics enriched with antioxidant polyphenols for active food preservation.” Food Chemistry 405 (2023): 134991.

5.Gupta, Prerna, Rekha Garg Solanki, Pushpanjali Patel, K. M. Sujata, Rakesh Kumar, and Abhay Pandit. “Enhanced Antibacterial and Photoluminescence Activities of ZnSe Nanostructures.” ACS omega 8, no. 15 (2023): 13670-13679.