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Name: Dr. Atul Loomba

Editor in Chief : E-Commerce for Future & Trends


Affiliation: Rabindranath Tagore University, Madhya Pradesh, India

Institutional Profile Link : https://www.mpnvva.in/Home/UFaculty?instituteID=1

About Me

Associate Professor in Department of Management at Rabindranath Tagore University, Madhya Pradesh, India
My expertise are Management

Recent Publications

  • Manoj Tripathi, Atul Loomba and Lila Simon. Digitalisation of Higher Education. International Journal of Advanced Research in Management (IJARM). 2022;13(1):167-173. Available https://iaeme.com/Home/article_id/IJARM_13_01_017
  • Vijay Kumar Nathiley , Preeti Shrivastava , Atul Loomba. Study on E-procurement Practices in Government Organizations in Bhopal Distt., Madhya Pradesh. TIJER-INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL. 2023 Feb 24;10(2):413-20. Available https://www.tijer.org/viewpaperforall.php?paper=TIJER2302056
  • Nandihal C, Loomba A. A Study On Consumer Behaviour Towards Digital Payments In Mysore City. 2023 ;8(1):51-58. Available https://www.ijnrd.org/papers/IJNRD2301308.pdf ‌
  • Sharma P, Mathur N, Loomba A. Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in Higher Education: A Study of Indian Universities. IJFMR23034019 . 2023;5(3):1-18. Available : https://www.ijfmr.com/papers/2023/3/4019.pdf