Editor in Chief’s Profile

Name: Dr. Durlav Hazarika

Editor in Chief : Trends in Electrical Engineering


Affiliation: Assam College, Assam, India 781013

Institutional Profile Link : https://www.aec.ac.in/static/media/dr._durlav_hazarika.d445e832.pdf

Professor in Electrical Engineering at Assam College, Assam, India
My expertise are Electrical Engineering

Recent Publications

  1. Das, G., Hazarika, D. Perturb and Observe-Based Control of Four-Leg Grid-Feeding Inverters to Mitigate Voltage Imbalances in Low-Voltage Microgrids. J. Inst. Eng. India Ser. B 103, 1707–1717 (2022). [Available] https://doi.org/10.1007/s40031-022-00734-6
  2. Dey, S., Deka, N. & Hazarika, D. Power System Planning for Reduction in System losses using STATCOM and PSO Technique. J. Inst. Eng. India Ser. B 103, 1269–1281 (2022). [Available] https://doi.org/10.1007/s40031-022-00715-9
  3. Dipankar Sutradhar, Durlav Hazarika. A Review of Non-invasive Electromagnetic Blood Glucose Monitoring Techniques. Asian Pacific Journal of Health Sciences. Vol. 9; Issue 1 January-March 2022. 98-105. [Available] https://www.apjhs.com/index.php/apjhs/article/view/1751
  4. Nilakshi Deka, Durlav Hazarika. An approach for improvement of voltage stability condition of a power system using Combination of Power Flow Controllers. ADBU Journal of Engineering Technology. 2021; 10 (4). [Available] https://journals.dbuniversity.ac.in/ojs/index.php/AJET/article/view/2960
  5. Das, G., Hazarika, D. Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generators Integrated to Unbalanced Low-Voltage Microgrids by Four-Leg Inverters. J. Inst. Eng. India Ser. B 104, 731–747 (2023). [Available] https://doi.org/10.1007/s40031-023-00890-3