Survey of Consumer Preference towards E-commerce

Year : 2024 | Volume :11 | Issue : 02 | Page : –

Nehal Thakor

Deval Jilariya

  1. Ph.D. Scholar Sabarmati University, Ahmedabad Gujrat India
  2. Assistant Professor Sabarmati University, Ahmedabad Gujrat India


E-Commerce has undergone a tremendous shift in the age of globalization. Most corporate organizations have been using this technology to sell their various products for the past 10 years. For consumers in developing countries like India, online shopping offers a radically different buying experience. One of the tools available for online shopping is the facility. Numerous shoppers are attracted by the substantial discounts and offers made by the online vendors. This study looks at consumer preferences for internet shopping. The information was collected from 268 respondents from the north Gujarat region, who purchased products online using the convenience sampling method. This survey seeks to provide information on the most preferred e-website for product browsing and purchases. The researcher has also looked at the respondents’ demographic data, including their age, gender, yearly income, marital status, and level of education in particular. The study helps pinpoint the crucial factors influencing customers’ purchase choices. To find out what kinds of things customers like to buy online, descriptive analysis is employed.

Keywords: E-Commerce, Shopping Apps, Consumers attitudes

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Volume 11
Issue 02
Received February 22, 2024
Accepted March 2, 2024
Published April 8, 2024