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Vol-01 Issue-02 2023

Regular Issue  Subscription Review Article Published on :- 30-Oct-2023

Automatic Detection of Misplaced Tubes and Catheters Using Efficient Net B7
Ashok Suragala, Gurugubelli Sai Dilip Kumar, Sri Karthik Avala
Keywords: Tube Misalignment, Efficient net B7, Central Venous Catheter, deep learning, Nasogastric tube, EfficientNet model

Regular Issue  Subscription Review Article Published on :- 21-Oct-2023

Machine Learning-Based Early Cataract Detection A Predictive Modeling Approach
K. Ramana, A. Venkata Ramana, A. Krishna Mohan
Keywords: Cataract, machine learning, classification, SVM, KNN, random forest