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Journal of Instrumentation Technology & Innovations

ISSN: 2249–4731


Focus and Scope

About the Journal

Journal of Instrumentation Technology & Innovations [2249–4731(e)] is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2011 focused on the publication of current research work carried out under Instrumentation Technology & Innovation. It belongs to a truly interdisciplinary branch of science and engineering that covers MEMS technology, and Bluetooth technology.

Focus and Scope

  • Biomedical Instrumentation: Information gathering, diagnosis, evaluation, monitoring, control, sensors, electrical signals, genetic testing, drug delivery, Fitness trackers, Biomedical optics, tensiometers, Photosynthesis Monitor, Imaging systems.
  • Data Acquisition and Processing: Analog waveforms, digital values, Sensors, physical parameters, electrical signals, Signal conditioning circuitry, sensor signals, Analog-to-digital converters, programming languages, differential signals, DAQ hardware, DAQ device drivers, DAQ software.
  • Microcontroller System Design: Microcontroller architecture, Microcontroller architecture, Communication interface, Interrupt processing, integrated circuit, processor, automatically controlled products and devices, Design Partitioning, Programmable Logic Device (PLD).
  • Microprocessor System Design: Machine code, datapath, embedded chip, general-purpose chip, Accumulator, Stack, Register.
  • Fundamental of Instrumentation: Source instrumentation, binary instrumentation, Profiling, dynamic program, Logging, Instruction set simulator, and Software performance analysis.
  • Industrial Electronics and Applications: Control Systems and applications, Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives, Mechatronics and Robotics, Networks,
  • Sensors, Actuators and Systems Integration, Factory Automation, Industrial Informatics, Computational Intelligence, Bioelectronics, Systems & Control Engineering, and Industrial electronics.
  • Smart Sensors and MEMS: Circuits for sensors, capacitive sensors, integrated inductive displacement sensors, radiation detectors, optical incremental sensors, Photovoltaic, fuel Fells, micromechanics, industrial sensing, monitoring, and automation.
  • Mechatronics: Automation, robotics, cybernetics, synergy drives, exploration rovers, automotive subsystems, Mechatronics systems, Medical mechatronics, medical imaging systems, Transportation and vehicular systems, Internet of things (IoT), actuators.
  • Signal Processing Techniques for Measurement:  Control systems, Analog signal processing, Continuous-time signal processing, Discrete-time signal processing, Digital signal processing, Nonlinear signal processing, Statistical signal processing, Audio signal processing, Image processing, Video processing, Array processing, Financial signal processing, Process control.
  • Sensor-actuator Systems: Sensors, IoT data, sensor technology, transducer, actuators, Controller, control center, Sensor Calibration,
  • Virtual Instrumentation: Virtual instruments, digital multimeters, potentiostat, synthetic instruments, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, oscilloscopes, and graphical programming.
  • Automatic & Process Control Systems Design: Control system, actuators, sensors, reference input, the system, Setpoint control systems, Setpoint change, Controller, Control element, Measured value, thermocouple, Open loop system, Closed loop control system, Automobile, Refrigeration, Air conditioning, process operating conditions.
  • Telemetry Design: Automated communication processes, Telemetry data, monitoring tools, Server monitoring, server memory utilization, Log parsing, and Security Analytics.