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Research & Reviews : Journal of Physics

ISSN: 2278- 2265


Focus and Scope

About the Journal

Research & Reviews: Journal of Physics [2278- 2265is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2015 focused on the publication of current research work carried out under Physics. This journal covers all major fields of applications in Physics.

Focus and Scope

  • Quantum Physics: Classical Physics, Modern Physics, Nuclear Physics, Atomic Physics, Geophysics, Biophysics, Mechanics, Acoustics, Optics, Thermodynamics, Astrophysics, Quantum computing, Photon.
  • Astrophysics: Astrometry, selenology, stargazing, uranology, astrochemistry, astrography, astrolithology, astrophotographer, astrolithology, astrometry, Planetary systems, space science, astronomy.
  • Cosmology: Quantum theory, cosmism, cosmography, cosmological, celestial mechanics, quantum mechanics, catastrophism, superstring, metaphysic, physic, and metaphysics.
  • Statistical physics: Classical Statistics, Quantum Statistics, Entropy, Light Quanta, Debye Theory of Specific Heat of Solids, Electrons in Metals.
  • Thermodynamics Liquid Crystals Chemical: Thermotropic, lyotropic and metallotropic. Liquid Crystal, Nematic Liquid Crystal, Nematic Phase, Cholesteric Liquid Crystal, Isotropic Solvent.
  • Gravitational Physics: Gravitation, mass, graveness, spacetime, gravitational attraction, gravitational force, solar gravity, Force, Mass, Vaccum, pressure, weight, heaviness.
  • Magnetohydro dynamics: Magnetic drug targeting, cancer tumor treatment, magnetic devices for cell separation, magnetic endoscopy.
  • Nuclear physics: Particle physics, quantum mechanics, atomic physics, atomics, atomistic, atomology, nucleonics, quantum physics.
  • Geophysics: Hydrology, magnetism, geomorphology, geodesy, magnetics, geophysical science, seismology, volcanology, geophysical, geochemistry, geology, geoscience, paleoclimatology, meteorology, hydrogeology, and geomorphology.
  • Solid State Physics: Quantum mechanics, crystallography, electromagnetism, metallurgy, Molecular solids, Ionic solids, Covalent solids, Metallic solids.
  • Atomic physics: Molecule, proton, isotope, electron, and neutron, thermonuclear, atomics, atomistic, atomology, nucleonics, particle-physics, quantum mechanics, quantum-physics, atomic-physics, neutron-proton strong force, and atomic science.
  • Biophysics: Structural Biophysics and Protein Dynamics, biochemical, physicochemical, rheological, microscale, geochemical, proteomic and bioinformatic, bioacoustics, bioelectricity, bioenergetics, biomechanics, medical physics, bio optics.