International Journal of Green Chemistry

International Journal of Green Chemistry [2582-5925 (e)] is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2015 that aims to recent advancements in green chemistry and related environmental science is published under this journal. Journal covers a niche segment of technology dealing with remediation, phytoremediation, phytostabilization, and environmental engineering science. Journal is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes good quality original and review papers.

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International Journal of Crystalline Materials

International Journal of Crystalline Materials is a peer-reviewed open-access journal launched in 2023 that aims to provide a platform for researchers and scientists to share their latest findings and developments in the field of crystalline materials. The journal focuses on research related to the fundamental properties and applications of crystalline materials, including their synthesis, characterization, structure, properties, and performance. The Journal publishes original research articles, review articles, and short communications covering a wide range of topics related to crystalline materials.

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International Journal of Mineral

International Journal of Mineral is a peer-reviewed open-access journal launched in 2023 that aims to publish high-quality research articles, reviews, and letters in the field of mineralogy, geochemistry, petrology, and mineral exploration. The journal is dedicated to providing a platform for researchers, scientists, academics, and industry professionals to disseminate their findings, innovations, and insights in the mineral sciences.

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