Universities in Ancient Bharat

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    Prof. Ram Krishna Mandal

  1. Avinandan Krishna Mandal

  1. Professor, Department of Economics, Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University, Cooch Behar,, West Bengal, India
  2. Student, Department of M.Sc. in Advanced Mechanical Engineering, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom


Our country was very much rich in respect of scientific, spiritual, literature and medical knowledge and even also in gross domestic product in comparison to any other country of the world. In single sentence, Bharat (India) was the leader in many respects in the world. Frequent Muslim aggressions started from 711 A.D., looting, burning and killing the intelligent persons by the Muslim in Bharat and destroyed not only physical wealth but also knowledge wealth. Bharat was a center for higher learning in ancient times. In the fields of mathematics, astronomy, astrology, and other sciences, Bharat made significant contributions. Vedic science was so sophisticated that it could be contrasted with modern scientific discoveries. Objective: To explore the oldest Knowledge from the ancient universities in Bharat. Methodology: This study is descriptive in nature and is based on secondary sources, including websites, online journals, books, articles, and government records. Results and Discussion: Different ancient universities/educational institutions in ancient Bharat are sought and discussed in brief. Conclusion: During the Muslim reign, many Muslim rulers either destroyed the temples or converted the temples into mosques and continued to suppress Hinduism. The educational institutions were suffered as the most of them were connected to the temples. They wanted to destroy the Indian knowledge system.

Keywords: Spiritual, literature, medical, mathematics, astrology, astronomy, vedic science

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