Buckling Assessment of Concrete Column, RCC Column and Concrete Column Strengthened by CFRP with Different Slenderness Ratio

Using finite element modeling, this study presents a buckling analysis and total deformation assessment of a concrete column, a column made of reinforced cement concrete (RCC), and a concrete column enhanced with Carbon Fiber-reinforced Polymer (CFRP) laminates (FEM). Utilizing the ansys18.1 software, a comprehensive analysis is carried out for columns that have a variety of slenderness ratios to arrive at a more accurate performance estimation. Because they can support the most weight overall, RCC columns are among the most important components of a building’s structure. On the other hand, because of the enormous compressive load, these structures risk failing owing to buckling. There is a greater likelihood of rapid buckling occurring in the columns that have a high slender ratio. As a result, it is essential to investigate and evaluate the effects of an excessive load on several separate columns, each of which has a distinct slenderness ratio. For this study, the slenderness ratios were determined to be 20, 30, and 40 for concrete columns, RCC columns, and RCC columns reinforced with CFRP. The findings indicate that the load-bearing capability of the columns can be improved by increasing the quantity of CFRP sheets used in their construction.

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