Review paper on Design and Development of Miniature Moving Magnet Pulse Tube Cryocooler

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Jitendra G. Shinde

Dr. M. M. Khot

  1. Research Scholar Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shivaji University, Kolhapur Maharashtra India
  2. Research Guide & Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering, Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli Maharashtra India


Developing a miniature moving magnet pulse tube cryocooler to address the limitations in existing cryocooler technologies, especially in terms of compactness, lightweight design, durability, and maintenance-free operation, aligns with the demands of modern applications, particularly in space and similar environments. Integrating a miniature compressor and motor is essential for the functionality of the cryocooler. The design should prioritize efficiency and reliability while addressing challenges related to vibrations and maintenance commonly associated with traditional cryocooler systems.
The use of a pulse tube and regenerator in your proposed design is promising, as these elements can enhance the cooling and overall performance of the cryocooler. Furthermore, the inclusion of magnetic components can reduce the number of moving parts, thereby decreasing vibrations, maintenance needs, and system complexity, ultimately enhancing the reliability and operational lifespan of the cryocooler.
Considering the selection of suitable materials, such as for the regenerator and pulse tube, and optimizing the thermodynamic processes to efficiently achieve the desired low temperatures will be crucial as you progress with your development. Proposed approach to design and develop a miniature moving magnet pulse tube cryocooler aligns with the industry’s push for compact, efficient, and reliable cooling solutions. It has the potential to open up new opportunities in various applications, including space

Keywords: Design, compressor, motor, cryocooler, pulse tube, regenerator.

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Received January 23, 2024
Accepted February 8, 2024
Published May 17, 2024