Investigating the Functionality of Graphene Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) Laminates

Year : 2023 | Volume : 11 | Issue : 06 | Page : 1-9

    Pradeep Kumar Singh


The increased adaptability and usefulness of glass-fiber reinforced polymer has led to its widespread adoption. GFRP laminates can be improved by including filler materials to improve their already impressive set of qualities. The demand for the research and development of advanced composites with enhanced properties has never been greater, and this is especially true for composites that are lightweight but have enhanced tensile and flexural qualities. An example of a laminate lay-up is one in which the lamina plies are stacked at acute angles to one another. Laminates made from continuous fibers are often arranged so that their strength is maximized along the direction of most major stress. In order to improve the GFRP composite laminate’s strength and mechanical qualities, we are including graphene into our dissertation at varying percentages. The GFRP laminate will be put through a battery of ASTM-mandated tensile and flexural tests subsequently. Standardized procedures for tensile and flexural testing are used to establish ASTM guidelines. These tensile and flexural properties are used to examine the impact of graphene addition. Using this method, we can determine whether or not graphene powder can enhance the GFRP laminates’ mechanical qualities.

Keywords: Glass fibre reinforced polymer, GFRP laminates, lamina plies, tensile, flexural properties. Graphene powder

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Special Issue Open Access Original Research
Volume 11
Issue 06
Received June 21, 2023
Accepted August 29, 2023
Published September 11, 2023