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NOLEGEIN Journal of Information Technology & Management

ISSN: 2581-6802


Focus and Scope

About the Journal

NOLEGEIN Journal of Information Technology & Management [2581-6802(e)] is a peer-reviewed hybrid open-access journal launched in 2018 that provides a platform to discuss new issues in the area of Information technology issues for management. The journal also seeks to advance the quality of research by publishing papers introducing or elaborating on Information systems planning and policy & Database Management. 

Focus and Scope

  • Database Management: Declarative languages, runtime systems, Scalable data analysis, and query processing, Consistency, concurrency, coordination, reliability, Data storage, and physical design, Metadata management, Systems for machine learning, model management, Data cleaning, data transformation, and crowdsourcing.

  • Network security: Firewall, Network Segmentation, Remote Access VPN, Email Security, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Sandboxing, Hyperscale Network Security, confidentiality, integrity and availability, Network firewall, Intrusion prevention system, Unified threat management, Advanced network threat prevention, Network access control, Cloud access security broker, DDoS mitigation.

  • Aviation Industry: Aerospace engineering, Air traffic control, Aircraft maintenance, Aviation Management, Aviation safety, Cabin crew, Civil and military aviation, Aviation transport, impact of Brexit, Unstable Fuel Prices, Global Instability, Threat of War, Staff Shortages, Changing Demographics, Airport Capacity Issues, Pilot Shortages, Uncertainty Business Travel.

  • Database design: Logical design. Physical design. Implementation. Monitoring, modification, and maintenance, hierarchical database systems, Network database systems, object-oriented database systems, Conceptual design, Logical Design, Normalization, Physical Design

  • Electronic Commerce: Conversational commerce, Digital Wallet, Document automation in supply chain and logistics, Electronic tickets, Enterprise content management, Group buying, Business-to-Business (B2B) Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Consumer-to-Business, Consumer to Consumer(C2C).

  • Information technology: Artificial intelligence, Biometrics, Cloud computing & virtualization, Complex systems, Computational science, Conformance testing, Cyberphysical systems, Cybersecurity, Sleepwalker Effect, Transparency Effect, Black Box Effect, and The Splintering Effect.

  • Knowledge Management: Data Collection, Data Organizing, Information Summarizing and visualization, Information Analyzing, and Content management.


  • The strategic importance of information systems
  • Information systems planning and policy
  • The impact of information technology on the organization
  • Network and Electronic Commerce
  • Information technology issues for management
  • Internet and network security
  • Systems development alternatives
  • Database design and administration
  • The fundamentals
  • Database Management
  • Aviation Industry Internet and network security