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Research & Reviews: A Journal of Medicine

ISSN: 2249-8648


Focus and Scope

About the Journal

Research & Reviews: A Journal of Medicine [2249-8648{e)] is a peer-reviewed hybrid open access journal launched in 2011 and focused on the rapid publication of fundamental research papers in all areas concerning various current and forthcoming radical new health professions across the globe and the latest cutting edge advancements in health

Focus and Scope

  • Prevention and Treatment of illness: Disability, premature death, improving health, reducing inequalities, improving leadership, participatory governance for health, Vaccine, risk of disease, infectious diseases, methods of detection, international cooperation, antibiotics, psychosocial functioning.
  • Medical Technology: tongue depressors, surgical gloves and medical thermometers to insulin pumps, pacemakers, and in vitro diagnostics, ultrasound scans, support in preventing disease, injury, or other conditions, early detection tools, Magnetic resonance imaging, CT scan, Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA).
  • Health Sciences: Healthcare Ethics, Health Informatics, Healthcare Policy, Health IT and Innovations, Health Service Management, Health Service Quality, Health Promotion, Leadership, Health Communication, Health Administration, Financing Healthcare Services, patient safety, medical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing companies, consulting firms.
  • Biomedical research: Knowledge, interventions, the technology used in healthcare or public health, medical microbiology, clinical virology, clinical epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, biomedical engineering, physiological mechanisms, pathological processes, pathophysiology.
  • Diagnosis & Treatment of disease: Imaging procedures – X-rays, computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, surgery, taking medications, using hospitals and clinics, blood test, urine test, throat swabs, biopsy, physical examination, psychological evaluation, antibiotics.
  • Medication: Pharmacology, pharmacotherapy, drug development, academic scientists, and governments, recombinant proteins, vaccines, blood products used therapeutically, gene therapy, monoclonal antibodies, cell therapy, immunology.
  • Surgeries & Therapies: Angioplasty, Knee Replacement, hip Replacement, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Stent Procedure, Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, Wound treatment, Hysterectomy, psychotherapy, immunizations, biological therapy, drug therapy, radiation therapy.
  • Health care systems: Rehabilitation hospitals, centers, wards, tertiary and secondary hospitals, clinics, primary health care facilities, community health services, improving the quality of the care provided, improving patient outcomes, reducing the cost of care, organization of people, institutions, and resources.
  • Medical Specialties: Allergy and Immunology, Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Diagnostic Radiology, Emergency medicine, Family medicine, Internal medicine, Medical genetics, Neurology, ‎Nuclear medicine, ‎Pathology, Pediatrics, General practice, Ophthalmology, Sports medicine, and rehabilitation.
  • Community Health:  Medical and dental checkups, condition management, vaccinations, anti-smoking programs, obesity screenings, Patient education, nutritional counseling, injury prevention, disease information, environmental and social factors, mobile clinics, Educating residents, screenings, social support, and counseling.
  • Medical Informatics: Electronic health records (EHR), Improving communication, Storing, managing, and analyzing data for research, Assisting with complex, technology-dependent research, Clinical informatics, bioinformatics, bio-inspired computing.
  • Communicable diseases: HIV, hepatitis A, B, and C, measles, salmonella, measles, and blood-borne illnesses. The most common forms of spread include fecal-oral, food, sexual intercourse, insect bites, contact with contaminated fomites, droplets, or skin contact, pathogens, and transmission.