What is open access?

Open Access (OA) is an important way to make research findings freely available for anyone to access and view. It serves authors and the wider community by publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed open-access content that allows readers to redistribute, re-use, and adapt the content in new works.
STM publishes hybrid open-access journals and fully open access Special issues Articles, feedback and reviews, or any other content on this platform that is available and accessible by everyone everywhere free of cost. To provide Open Access Journals and articles the finances are usually covered by authors through article processing charges (APC).

Benefits of open-access publishing


Articles tend to have a much bigger impact in the short term compared to “subscription-only” work. The long-term impact is similar, with some studies showing a slightly larger impact for open-access articles.

Widest Introduction to Global Community

Strive to promote your research to a wide audience. The scientific community and the common people can have unlimited access to all published contents in journals, which are fully free as soon as it is published on the webpage. These journals’ broad readership allows authors to convey the importance of their work to the wider science community in addition to specialists in their field.

Share your research with the world

Under an Open Access, CC-BY license, you own the copyright to your work. So you’re free to share it anywhere, anytime, with anyone. There is never a fee for readers to access, download, or share your article more widely.

Faster dissemination

You get faster dissemination of your research results. You fulfil eventual open access mandates from research funders. Publishing fees/APCs are in many cases prepaid,

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